How It Works

We are a Hartwell-based rental and delivery service. We offer single-day or multi-day rentals and deliver all around Lake Hartwell. We can deliver to homes or campsites on the lake, or we can meet you at a lakeside location of your choice.


When and where can you deliver?

Most anywhere around the main body of Lake Hartwell, anytime from 9am – 8pm. We do best with at least 24 hours notice, but can try to work you in either way! For Daytrips outside of the city of Hartwell, there is a one-time delivery fee of $30. Check out our map to see where we've been!

I'm not from around here. Where's a good local place for a Day Trip?

I suggest Old 29, Big Oak Rec, Elrod Ferry, SC, Hartwell Lakeside Park.

What do I need?

We suggest sunscreen, food & beverages, and a means to keep your valuables dry.

What will you bring?

We'll bring kayaks, life vests, and paddles. Life vests are adult universal (90 lbs and up) and youth universal (under 90 lbs).

What's the weight limit of your kayaks?

Check out boats to see the specifications on all the crafts we offer.

Can I strap a kayak to my vehicle (car, boat, bike, hoverboard, etc) and carry it somewhere?

Hard no.

What happens if I lose a kayak, life vest, or paddle?

You'll have the honor of funding a brand new one, thereby making your permanent mark on LHKRAD. Thank you in advance.



  • Perception Pescador 10.0
  • White Knuckle Fury

Two-seaters (tandem)

  • White Knuckle Crusader

Standup Paddleboard (SUP)

  • Liquid Shredder SUP